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Eye Center of Northern Colorado Exhibition Series

A Culture Preserved (in the Black Experience)
Curated by Louise Cutler
July 29 – October 16, 2022

A Culture preserved in the Black Experience addresses how Black culture and its heritage reflect and shape values, beliefs, and aspirations, which define a people’s identity. By bringing together the past and the present, the old meets the new in the black artistic world. It is important for Black people to preserve and share their cultural heritage through the arts, as it keeps and holds their truths as a people. This exhibition presents and preserves the Black visual artist narrative. The exhibition explores how Black people relate and fit within the American dream where they have had to reshape and reformulate their identities.

Researchers have found that just 1.2% of artwork In most major museums were made by Black artists, which means that in the eyes of America, the Black artist creativity or stories are not as important enough to be presented or preserved within the vast majority of artistic institutions. Consequently, the Black/African American story is not being fully preserved for future generations. Here In Fort Collins alone, Black people make up 1.6% of the population, not even enough for Fort Collins to mention in their advertisement for the city or local entities. Yet most of their money is spent here. They buy houses and raise families in a place where art exhibitions in galleries and museums never reflect them or their culture or work. This exhibition is here to help change that. The exhibition will include the works of several Black artists from across the country seasoned and mid-career. It will include a mixture of painting, drawing and sculptures.  It will give a culture the right to exist, a right to be  a right to representation here in Fort Collins and allow the community to preserve the experience of Black Culture. 


Louise Cutler, Fort Collins, CO
Karen Drewry, Wisconsin, IL
Efilaf Art, Fort Collins, CO
Gerald Griffin, Chicago, IL
Thomas Lockhart, Denver CO
Joyce Owens, Chicago, IL
Charly Palmer, Atlanta, GA
Deborah Shedrick, Alabama
Kevin Wak Williams, Atlanta, GA
Jim Wider, Black Forest, CO

Images: (Top) Kevin Wak Williams, To Be Free, Hand embellished giclee on canvas
Bottom: Charly Palmer, Bound, acrylic on canvas

Picasso as Printmaker from the Collection of Dr. Robert Baller
October 28 – January 8, 2023

This exhibition will explore how the collaborative process of printmaking was just as important a creative outlet to the legendary artist as painting. In his seven decades of printmaking, he explored technical, creative and graphic innovations that make him one of the most innovative printmakers of the 20th century.