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Beauty and the Beast: An Unexpected Journey
Lorri Acott & Adam Schultz (Red Feather, CO)
August 27 – October 17, 2021

Artists Lorri Acott and Adam Schultz have joined forces to create a compelling new exhibition of original sculpture and paintings for the Museum of Art Fort Collins entitled Beauty and the Beast: An Unexpected Journey. This two-person show features their individual works of art, as well as a new series of collaborative sculptures. Celebrating ideas around unexpected relationships, duality, and the power of myth, this reinterpretation of the tale as old as time seeks to inspire a new conversation about what we really define as beautiful, and exactly who the beast may be.

Lorri Acott sculpts long-legged figures and animals that reflect intimate moments in our lives: a feeling, an interaction, a realization, an emotion. Simplified, without the details of faces or clothing, they rely on our innate understanding of human gesture to inform us. Her impressionistic figurative sculptures reside in private and public collections throughout the US and abroad. A favorite of collectors and critics alike, Lorri’s work receives a powerful emotional response wherever it is placed. Her work reaches for the universal in our innermost beings as it explores and examines the question of our existence. A mixture of heart-warming whimsy and a deep understanding of our feelings make Lorri’s work approachable and intimate.

Adam’s body of work ranges from miniature to monumental.  It  includes his latest collection of bronze sculptures, the Goddess Series, a celebratory expression of ‘delightfully abundant’ figurative nudes.

Photograph Credit: Upper: Beauty and the Beast. Lower: Lorri Acott and Adam Schultz. Photography by Adam Schultz.
Beauty and the Beast Video Credit: Herb and Jessica Saperstone

Own What You Love

Unpacking The Shadow
A Collaborative Women’s Project
August 27 – October 17, 2021

Unpacking the Shadow Website

About Unpacking the Shadow

Lorri Acott

Years ago I read A Little Book on the Human Shadow by Robert Bly. 

In the book he called this shadow 

 “The long bag we drag behind us”  

 He writes that as children, when our parents teach us that we shouldn’t do things certain things,

we begin to believe that to be loved we must rid ourselves of these aspects of who we are. We take these little parts of ourselves, and put them in this long bag we drag behind us. 

This becomes “the shadow”

As we grow, there are more and more opportunities to throw aspects of ourselves into this bag.  

As we 

watch our peers and try to fit in, 

deal with family and relationship dynamics,

begin to doubt ourselves,

wonder about our own worth,

 or talents, 

or opinions,

 we remove more of ourselves and add 

more to the bag.

There comes a time, however, that we need to begin to reclaim what we have lost. 

This is what this exhibition is about.

In Unpacking the Shadow over 50 women have responded to the invitation to reclaim aspects of themselves. In doing so, and in creating a small art piece to represent that which they are reclaiming, they are given a voice to inspire others to do the same.

As I look at and respond to their stories with my own art, I am learning the importance of acknowledging the shadow parts of myself and begin to understand how to integrate them back into who I am.  

There is gold in that bag, and to live 

our richest and fullest lives, 

we want to take a look.

 Perhaps you’d like to join us.