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AGES 5-8, Brushstrokes and Beyond:Painting for Kids Summer Camp

This 2 day summer camp is designed to inspire young artists through the exploration of renowned painters, techniques, and painting mediums. In this engaging two-session camp, your child will have the chance to hear kid-sized stories about painters including Chagall, Modigliani, O’Keefe, and
more. They will have the opportunity to use their own creative individuality to explore some of these artists’ most iconic techniques!

Through easy-to-digest exercises and step-by-step guidance, each child will learn fundamental painting skills while developing their own artistic voice from a young age. Mediums used will include oil pastels, markers, and acrylic paints – so be prepared to get a little bit messy! At the end of the week, each student will have completed two to three projects fit for a gallery and have a sketchbook of their own to continue their creative journey at home. Sign up today and watch your little artist blossom into a confident painter ready to create masterpieces of their own.

sam homan headshot
Instructor: Sam Homan

As a recent graduate from Colorado State University’s art department, Sam is passionate about painting and exploring bright colors and large scale pieces. She is a major advocate for public art, and has worked on numerous public art projects. Sam is starting work as a professional muralist this fall!

With this payment, your child will receive 6 hours of painting instruction during the course of two 3 hour sessions, taking place Monday, July 10 and Wednesday, July 12, 9am-12pm. Cost covers both sessions.


$50 MoA Members

$60 Non-Members

Dates and Times:

July 10 & July 12, Monday and Wednesday


For Ages 5-8


Jul 10 2023


9:00 am - 12:00 pm