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Please continue to enjoy these art projects while we get ready for our next round of education content for our up coming Rocky Mountain Biennial
(July 31 – September 20, 2020).

A mini art class on Mask art making with materials from around your house. Fun for the kids AND adults!
Don’t forget to show us your beautiful mask after you’re done! Happy creating!

You can share on our social media platforms (Facebook or Instagram) @moafortcollins or email images to [email protected] and we will post them for you.

6/24: Mask by artist Jason Gage

Join us to make an eyeball Mask! Supplies: Paper plate,white paper, brown paper bag, markers, colored pencil or crayons yarn or elastic.

6/17: Mask by artist Lisa Arvidson 

Join us to make a poured-paint Mask! Supplies: Tempera paint or watercolor, paper towel, cookie sheet, paper plate,yarn or elastic.

6/3: Mask by artist Sonya PauKune

Join us to make a yarn and watercolor Mask! Supplies: Paper plate, watercolors or food coloring, brushes, scissors, yarn or elastic.

5/27: Mask by artist Suzanne Wilson

Water Color Mask Supplies: Paper plate, watercolors or food coloring, brushes, yarn or elastic.

5/20: Mask by artist Katie Steneroden

 Mosaic Mask Supplies: Paper plate, various colors of construction paper cut into squares, hole punch, yarn or elastic.

5/13: Mask by artist Karen Gaebler

Shiny Mask Supplies: Paper plate, aluminum foil, sharpies, markers, scissors, glue, hole punch, yarn or elastic.

5/6: Mask by artist Linda and Daphne Potter

Four Season Tree Mask Supplies: Paper plate, scissors, fabric scraps, glue, pencils, hole punch.

4/29: Mask by artist Savana Leveille

Yarn Mask Supplies: Paper Plate, Yarn, glue, scissors, hole punch



4/22: Mask by artist Michael Madrid

Owl Mask supplies: TP Rolls, Scissors, Markers, hole punch, yarn or elastic.

4/15: Mask by artist Anna Lee

Dot Mask Supplies: Paper plate, hole punch, yarn, markers, pencils, crayons, stickers.


ART.EDU.OSITY Creative Space

Come check out MOA’s hands-on, creative space for play and education!

ART.EDU.OSITY for Art, Education, and Curiosity is located inside the museum. This fun, self-directed, creative, get-your-hands-dirty space is a place for kids and adults to make some art related to the exhibitions that are featured in the museum. All ages can have fun.

The education center is open the same hours as the museum:
Wednesday – Friday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday- Sunday 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Closed Monday & Tuesday

Special Note: ART.EDU.OSITY is not monitored by museum staff and we will not take responsibility for unsupervised children.

No children under 12 should be left unattended.

Click here to see our Calendar of Events

Thank you to The Youth Clinic for their sponsorship of the ART.EDU.OSITY Creative Space since 2016.

About The Youth Clinic

The Youth Clinic specializes in the treatment of infants, children, and adolescents. For over 50 years it has cared for generations of youth and it takes pride in its role as both a resource and partner to parents in the development of their children. The Youth Clinic has two locations in Fort Collins and a location at the Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland. To learn more about The Youth Clinic, visit www.youthclinic.com.


Study & Activity Guides

Study Guides and Gallery Guides are available for some of our exhibitions. Click on the guides below:

Norman Rockwell teacher resource packet

Marilyn Education Packet

William Morris Family Guide

Ansel Adams Exhibition Family Guide (pdf)

Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate Peace Project