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The Art of the Garage Tour 2

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Your all-access pass behind the doors of Fort Collins’ most creative spaces.

7 new garages featured on the 2019 tour! Fine art. Music. Invention. Often the most inspiring, innovative work is done in garages. And some of the finest visual, musical and automotive treasures live in our own backyard — in garages throughout Fort Collins. Join the Museum of Art | Fort Collins for a one-of-a-kind, one-day peek into some of the most creative spaces in town. Classic cars. Luxury cars. Woodworking. Painting. Rock and roll. Restoration. And relaxation.

To end the day, a not-to-be missed after-tour party from 4-6pm at the property of Jeff Lebesch and Zia Zybko. Live music from the Blues Dogs, classic porsches galore, open bar, a beach! and food trucks round out the night. Buy your tickets now as the after-tour party will sell out

Kids, students and youth are free for this event up through 17 years of age. 

All ticket holders will be emailed a pdf of the map. Maps will also be available at all garages day of the event. 

Notes for the Day of the Event

The Cowan Garage is south of Mulberry (not north as it is on the map). The address is correct on the map. 

Buy your tickets here!

Beth Bullard | The Girl Garage

Think sanctuary. Think outside the man cave. Think my space and my time. Mine, all mine. Ladies, start your motors!


Dolores and Tony Rowland | The Art of Art & Cars Garage

Here’s where the marriage of artist and car collector begins. She’s the artist; he’s into the classics – classic cars. Together, they enjoy a year-round space whose solar grid pays back on the investment.


Anne Bossert and Michael Allison | Furniture & Fiber Works Studio

If you know artful home, you know this is the garage where exceptional works of fine art and design originate by artist and woodworker Anne Bossert. Functional furniture and cabinets are complemented by the artist’s interest in fiber arts.


David McBride & Sharon Downing | Painting Man Cave

This man cave comes complete with a beautiful Persian rug spread out to host a few friends for drinks, or to be rolled up when the painter is in residence. For her: storage — glorious storage surrounding a garage floor to dance on.


Lori and Danny Feig-Sandoval | Historical 1940’s Cabin

Built in the1940’s as a log cabin, this space now houses the tools of an artisan builder sculpting in wood.


Kent Obermann | Tuned Up Garage

It’s possible you’ll hear the music emanating from this tuned-up garage before you see the driveway. At the top of the stairs, it’s the paradise musicians dream of for rehearsing their next gig.


Kendra Spanjer | Tricked Out Garage

Fine lines are tricks of the trade used by this artist working from her undersized garage. This is where she creates pinstriped works of art on vehicles and attention-grabbing signs of the time.


The After-Tour Party | Old Town

Don’t stop with the Tour. Mix it up at the After-Tour Party with food, live music, beer and cocktails at the gorgeous grounds of Jeff Lebesch and Zia Zybko. Food truck fare will be available to complement your complimentary Porsche Punch. Hosted by RE/MAX Advanced and Ed Carroll Motor Company, this party will sell out. Get your Tour + After-Tour Party tickets today!


The Art of the Garage Tour 2018 Highlights

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